The Live Bait Squadron Society Bulletin 14 – 22 September 2017


Dear all,

This Bulletin-14 is dated 22 September 2017, exactly 103 years after the disaster off the Dutch Coast. Today we remember the men on the three cruisers, they are not forgotten. You and me are still here to remember them.

This Bulletin is the second in 2017. As long as new Members arrive I’ll keep on writing them.

In this Bulletin I welcome some new Members, they too are very welcome.

– James Fuller, HMS Hogue

– Albert E. Colenutt, HMS Aboukir

– Bertie Hurr Goldsmith, HMS Aboukir

– Joseph Reynolds, HMS Cressy

– John Robert Foord, HMS Aboukir

In June I attended the 350 years Commemorations of ‘The Dutch Raid on Chatham’, by the Dutch Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. I was invited by The Chatham Historic Dockyard, because of the special bond between the Medway region and me. If you wish to hear more about what happened 350 years ago, please watch this youtube films.

And some more:

It was a great event, and to me and our Society of great importance as I met with the First Sea Lord, and had the opportunity to have a real conversation about our shared history.

In my Treasure Chest you will find ‘Kippers Diary’. The diary of Rear Admiral Eric Robinson VC, who wrote in his diary about the cruisers too. As this is part of my Archives, it is with some explanation published in The Live Bait Squadron archives 4 too.

My best wishes to you all. And: as always looking forward to your reactions.

The next Bulletin-15 is scheduled next Spring, probably March. If before that date something urgent pops up, I will let you know.

Henk H.M. van der Linden


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