The Livebait Squadron Bulletin 19 – 22nd September 2022


Dear all,

This Bulletin-19 is dated 22nd September 2022, the 108th anniversary of the disaster just off my Dutch coast. And already 8 years ago a lot of our Members, about 1,000, gathered in Chatham, at the Dockyard for the Centennial, the one and till now the only Remembrance Ceremony to honour these men.
In two years’ time it will be 10 years ago. Time to celebrate again? In Chatham, at the Dockyard? What do you think? Any ideas? Please let me know! I’ll be most happy to be (again) the initiator.

I have the story of a life for you, of William Ernest Fester, but no photo of him. Who can help me out? My best wishes for you all.

Henk H.M. van der Linden

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  1. Thank you for the new bulletin. Very interesting story of yet another sailor. We would very much like to see another commemorative event at Chatham in two years time. We visited the Historic Dockyard this spring and have managed to add our grandfather’s name to their digital exhibition on the sailors of the three cruisers. It would be nice to see Charles William Edwards’s name added to the Society’s pages as well. He was a stocker on HMS Hogue and survived. Thank you.

    1. Yes, sorry about that. Since there’s a huge amount of spam, I have to approve the comments before they appear on the website.

  2. My grandfather was on the HMS Aboukir
    He was a stocker , he survived
    I have a newspaper article about the tragedy that my mother kept.

  3. My great-uncle, Herbert Coker, was a first class stoker on HMS Aboukir. Unfortunately, he did not survive.

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