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Information about Klaudie Bartelink’s documentary-in-the-making

(From Bulletin 5, November 2013)

The Documentary is on schedule. Klaudie Bartelink and her team have been interviewing now in UK, The Netherlands and in October in Germany too. We talked to descendants of Cpt Otto Weddigen from U9. We were in Herford, the city where Cpt Otto Weddigen was born, in his birth house and in the weavery established bij Cpt Weddigen’s father. This weavery still exists and the owner is Mr Otto Weddigen, age 63 years.

We still have a lot of work to do, but we are sure that at the Centennial September 2014 one of the events will be the release of the documentary.

(From Bulletin 3, April 2013)

Klaudi Bartelink

“The production of the documentary about the cruisers then and now, is in full progress. The actual underwater filming of the wrecks of HMS Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue is scheduled for the months to come: due to the actual low North Sea water temperature we’ll have to be patient a little longer… An increasing number of divers –particularly descendants and family members of the men who were killed- are coming to Holland in order to dive on the wrecks and have a look down there themselves. Currently, we’re bringing the story of the sinking of the three cruisers to the attention of broadcasting companies in Holland, Great Britain and Germany, asking them to radio or televise this some time during 2014. “

The release of the Documentary is planned for 2014.

The organisations that support ‘The Live Bait Squadron, the documentary’ are:

North Sea Foundation:
English summary:

Royal Dutch Angling Organisation:
English summary:

Coastal & Marine Union – EUCC:

Dive the North Sea Clean:

Dutch National Post Code Lottery Fund:


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  1. Did this documentary ever come to pass? if so where can i find a copy to view please?

  2. My Grandfather, Alfred Edward Turnbull Surgeon RNVR went down on the Cressy on 22nd September 1914.

    If this documentary is in existence I would be grateful if anyone can let me know where to find.

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