The Memorials

The medal of  Robert Johnson, HMS Hogue
This photo was sent by Mr Michael Scott, Robert was his great uncle. More about Robert in Bulletin-6.

Medal Robert Johnson


The Memorial wih Mr John Gambrill, Sturry, Canterbury
Photo by Mr Kinn Mcintosch

Memorial John Gambrill Hogue

The memorial with Cpt Roelof Voorham (SS Flora)
A memorial in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, to commemorate the Dutch civilian Captains and Chiefs who died at sea during WW1, Cpt Roelof Voorham was one of them.

Memorial Roelof Voorham p 5


Mr Robin McGarel-Groves sent me the Memorial of midshipsman Anthony Alsopp which is on the wall of the church at Wimborne St Giles, the seat of the Earls of Shaftesbury. Anthony’s mother was the sister of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.

Memorial midshipsman Anthony Alsopp
Memorial midshipsman Anthony Alsopp

Mrs. Cheryl Arnold sent me a photo of the headstone of Mr. Richard Fennessy, at Spalding Cemetary. The photo says it all. No words needed as Mr Fennessey has a sea grave. Mr. Richard Fennessy (HMS Aboukir) was one of the first Members of our Society. He was presented by Miss Cecilia Mann. Until now this is all I know about him: Richard Fennessy, Private, CH/13254, (RMR/B/603), Royal Marine Light Infantry.

Headstone Richard Fennessy
Headstone Richard Fennessy

A Dutch (colleague) WFA-member Mr Anthony Willemsen sent me photographs of a monument in Wesleton (Suffolk). It shows the names of two of the Cressy-men.

Monument Wesleton
Monument Wesleton

The names of two of the Cressy men

And here another one. Sent by Mr Paul Rose from King’s Lynn. His Grandfather was John Nathaniel Rose. He joined The Society recently, as well as Colin Fysh, who lost his Grandfather too, John William Fysh.

Monument King's Lynn
Monument King’s Lynn

Thanks to our Members we’re able to add some more Memorials to our collection!

Glass Window Hook Church
Stained glass window from Hook Church, Hampshire

First, a wonderful stained glass window from Hook Church, Hampshire, in memory of  Midshipman Frank George Matthews, age 16. Son to Brig. Gen. F.B. Matthews, C.B., D.S.O., and Mrs Edith M.W. Matthews, of Old Raven House, Hook.

Sent in by Mrs Kathleen Woodward, granddaughter of John Dear of British Royal Post, (Leading Stoker on HMS Cressy). Also the second contribution is by Mrs Woodward, viz. a photograph of the Mount Pleasant memorial.

Mount Pleasant with John Dear
Mount Pleasant with John Dear

Mrs Alice Barrigan sent us a photograph of the commemorative plaque for Midshipman Duncan Stubbs. It’s from St. Cuthberts Church, Ormesby near Middlesbrough.

Commemorative plaque for Midshipman Duncan Stubbs
Commemorative plaque for Midshipman Duncan Stubbs

I’m adding a picture of the plaque of Midshipsman Herbert Lawson Riley, in the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

Plaque of Midshipsman Herbert Lawson Riley
Plaque of Midshipsman Herbert Lawson Riley

Thirteen midshipmen, young boys, perished in the disaster. There is a Memorial for only three of them on our site. I think we should try and find or create a memorial for each of them and we’re counting on our members and readers.


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