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The Society Men, November 2013

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Captain Roelof Voorham
Captain Roelof Voorham, born May 9, 1881, was Master of SS Flora. With his crew of 17 he saved 258 sailors and 27 officers.

Roelof Voorham
Roelof Voorham

He was married to Bartholomea (Bets) Coorengel. They had two children Roelof and Bets.

Family Voorham
Family Voorham

Captain Voorham was killed on October 22, 1916 at the age of only 35 when his ship hit a mine on the North Sea near Beachy Head. His ship’s name was SS Fortuna. Indeed, what’s in a name!

SS Fortuna p 10

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  1. Hi.
    Do you know where Captain Voorham was buried. I think his body was found at Falling Sands, just West of Beachy Head lighthouse.
    I did see an inquiry was held on the remains of one sailor who was lost from the SS Fortuna at the same time, I’m assuming at the same place, of another sailor from the SS Alaunia.
    I’m always looking for clues to try and find the wreck of the SS Fortuna.
    There were survivors but I have no idea who they were or where they landed or if anyone of them ever mentioned the sinking.

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