Centennial Book

I am preparing a Centennial Memorial Book, focussing more on the backgrounds and the consequences of the disaster than on the events of 22 September 1914 in the narrow sense.

It’s still premature to say anything useful about the possible contents of the book, the more so now the author won’t be me. Instead, I’ve sent out invitations to various possible contributors and so far the reactions have been encouraging.

But I’ve higher aspirations in this respect. We’re acquainted with the fact that memorials are erected all over Britain in commemoration of the men and boys on the cruisers. It would seem like a good idea to include a chapter in the planned book dedicated to this kind of memorials.

If there are members and other readers willing to help me prepare this, they are more than welcome! One could perhaps search the Internet and then send any relevant pictures to me via e-mail. That would be marvellous.

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  1. I am extremely keen to find out if you have anything further on the memorials etc, did your Centenary book come to pass at all please?

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