The Live Bait Squadron Society Bulletin 13


Dear all,

You all have been very patient but your patience has been rewarded, here it is, Bulletin 13. It was worthwhile waiting for it. This Bulletin has a lot of good news.

Just read it, and I am sure you agree.

We start with news about the cruisers. Very good news indeed. They are protected now under as well British and Dutch law.

After that a moment for my Treasure Chest: a very fine and interesting collection of Memorials, all over the UK.

Again we welcome new Members, this time just four, but they are very welcome. Their comrades are applauding them.

– Gunner Harry Mackey, HMS Hogue

– Frederick Lloyd, HMS Aboukir

– Henry McWhirter, HMS Aboukir

– Hugh D. Bennett, HMS Cressy

I conclude with this story: ‘A BEM, in the aftermath of the Centennial of 22 September 1914’.

My best wishes to you all. And: as always looking forward to your reactions.

The next Bulletin-14 is scheduled late summer, probably 22 September next. If before that date something urgent pops up, I will let you know.

Henk H.M. van der Linden


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  1. Dear Henk and Froukje, thankyou once again for a very interesting bulletin and my sincere congratulations on the award so richly deserved.
    Harping back to Chatham 2014 which I, my wife and 2 sons attended in memory of my Grandfather John William Fysh (Aboukir) I submitted to representatives of the Chatham Historical Society (?), all the information I had gathered over the years on this action. They said they would be correlating this informations submitted by many relatives and representatives attending on the day and building a web site so all can access others informations hopefully creating a bigger picture of service, life and sadly death on September 22nd 1914 in the North Sea.
    I visit the Chatham Dockyard site occasionally but to date have not found this particular site.
    Are you aware of it existence please?

    1. Dear Colin,

      I am very sorry about this delay in answering you. It is not what I wish for, but simply, family affairs that caused me to give myself a break. But I am here, as you see, safe and sound. But I cannot give you an answer. But I am giving it a try to obtain it. As a matter of fact I have been invited by the Chatham Historic Dockyard to be their ‘Ambassador in The Netherlands’, because of their plans on the occasion of 400 Years Dockyard. And I accepted. And waiting for their plans and my role in it. So in the months to come I’ll forward your question, and presume I’ll get a proper answer.

      Do not hesitate to remind me September next. Please use my personal mailadress, You are familiar with that.

      Kindest regards Henk

  2. Hi,
    Where can I buy the Documentary? It isn’t available on Amazon. The only place I could find which stocked it (an underwater camera shop!) want 5 times the cost of the DVD to ship it to me in Hong Kong.
    Can I download a software copy anywhere? I’ll pay for it!
    My Great Uncle Hugh Donnelly was a Stoker on the Aboukir.


    1. Dear Mike,

      Sorry about the delay in answering you. You cannot buy it on Discovery, because it is free! In Bulletin-10 I wrote:

      The UK release of the documentary was 21 September 2014 in Chatham, attended by some 200 relatives of the men. The Dutch release was 24 September in The Hague, attended by some 300 (mostly friends and family). I understand about 100 dvd’s have been sold. So my conclusion is too few relatives had the opportunity to see this documentary.
      I proposed Klaudie to have this available for all Members of our Society. And indeed, she said immediately ‘Yes, consider this a present from me to all, on the 102 anniversary of the disaster’. 22 September 2016.

      And here it is: the link to the documentary.

      Please let me know your reactions!!

      Kindest regards,


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