The Live Bait Squadron Society Bulletin 4

INTRODUCTION, BY YOUR VIRTUAL CHAIRMAN Dear Friends, Here it is – our Society’s fourth Bulletin.

Time is passing swiftly, so we better hurry to brief you all on the Society’s latest developments. Saying we mustn’t complain would be an understatement. At our first gathering in Chatham on September 22, 2012, about twenty relatives of the cruisers’ crews were present. In the previous Bulletin we were able to report a number of fifty-five members, and since then nineteen new members have presented themselves. A word of welcome will be addressed them later in this Bulletin.

New members bring along new stories. All of those are being collected and added to the personal files of the late crewmembers concerned. These files thus include various stories and pictures, gathered by their descendants and relatives. Apart from being published in the Bulletins, these contributions appear on the website under the heading “About the Men.”

As this Bulletin is written, late July 2013, the Society has been able to establish files on 74 crewmembers. On inquiry it appeared that on average every late crewmember is represented by four family members. So in this case this would stand for about 300 related members. Along with the existing 250 non-related members we’re talking of more than 500 members, and their number is steadily growing.

We’re sorry to have to disappoint those of our readers who’ve been looking forward to any real news regarding the September 2014 Centennial commemoration. At this moment in time it is too early day yet to come up with a detailed schedule. We can however assure all our readers that officials and individuals concerned, both inside the UK and abroad, are busy with the organization of multiple events on land as well as out on the North Sea. As things now stand the main activities in the UK will take place on Monday 22 September, while in the Netherlands the events will occur later that same week.

In this Bulletin you’ll find a lot of informative and interesting material. We do hope you’ll enjoy the reading and we are looking forward to receiving any reactions you may wish to share with us and with the other readers. And please do not hesitate to send in your own contribution to the contents of the next Bulletin. So far this time, till the next Bulletin!


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  1. I really enjoyed bulletin 4. So much work goes into this but I can assure you the contents are much appreciated. It is wonderful that so many people are now submitting material about their loved ones. I was pleased to see my Grandfather’s picture with my Grandmother and my Mother. I have sent this to my sister and other members of my extended family in the hope they will join me next year at the centenary. This was always an unfinished story for me and I truly thought it would stay that way until Henk took up this cause. I am only sorry my Mother didn’t talk about it more to me. It is very sad to realise just how many people were affected by this tragedy so early in the war but also very heartening to see the interest and to see all the memorials around the country recognising those who lost their lives. I have read Henk’s book which was much more detailed and it clarified many things that I did not get from Two Before Breakfast although that book was very helpful too. Thank you Henk and I am looking forward to the documentary as well as my visit for the centenary… God willing.

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