The Live Bait Squadron Bulletin 17 – 22nd September 2021


Dear all, 

This Bulletin-17 is dated 22nd September 2021, a special day for us all, exactly 107 years after the disaster off the Dutch Coast. Today we remember the men on the three cruisers, they are not forgotten. 

A fine day perhaps to view the documentary again Enjoy!! 

At this moment it seems the hardest (covid)times have passed. This (brief) Bulletin is a restart, I am back again, safe and sound. To start with: my best wishes to you all. And: as always looking forward to your reactions. 

The (more extended) Bulletin-18 is scheduled next Christmas, covid-19 allowing. 

Henk H.M. van der Linden 



As time goes by I realize that my book ‘The Live Bait Squadron’ lacks a final chapter. I did not investigate the aftermath of the disaster for the families. We all know that the qualification ‘Missed at sea’ meant ‘no pensions’. With your help I trust I can add this chapter to my book. Please write me about what happened to your family in the days and years after the fatal date of 22nd September. I’ll do research too and have me assisted by relevant historians. In my next Bulletin-18, I’ll report about the results of this appeal. 

I’ll be back! 

Henk ( 

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  1. My mother was 18mths old when her father Desse Edgar Grylls was killed on the HMS Aboukir, she had a few older siblings, Her mother had a very hard time trying to bring up her brood, but then whe my mother was about 3 – 4 yrs old her mother died too, so she was left orphaned, and was passed around from pillow to post, as no body really wanted her, all I know is she had a very hard life and has to go into service at a very young age, life for her was cruel, but I couldn’t have wished for a better mother, we tried for years to get some information as to what happened to he father, and all that she had been told was totally false,and it was only by chance that I found that information, but sadly she died before i could pas that on to her, and she went to her grave not knowing what happened to her father, So Sad

  2. Am getting out all the family papers and will send you an up-date in the near future.
    Best wishes and thanks for all your hard work.

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