The Live Bait Society Squadron Bulletin 10


Dear all,

Welcome to this Bulletin – the 10th in a row, and with the Special Bulletins a lot of information about our men on the three cruisers.
In this Bulletin you can read about many on the cruisers. Most of them I welcomed in Bulletin-9, but since then descendents kept on presenting their relatives, and as I do not know when Bulletin-11 will be published I write about them too in this Bulletin. They are marked with: A new Member.

Why I do not know when Bulletin-11 will be there? Just because I can not foresee if new members are to be welcomed. I cannot do more than wait for them.
In the meantime my daughter Froukje and me intend to rearrange the website, to have all the men mentioned in the Bulletins on the site, just as the others and to mend some small mistakes etc. But for sure you may expect a Bulletin on the 21st September this year, the last day of the Centennial Year.

My best wishes to you all. As always looking forward to your reactions.

Henk H.M. van der Linden

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  1. Henk/Froukje’
    thank you for another interesting bulletin. I’m still searching for information by way of letters, old photos, grave markers etc. anything about my Grandfather AB John William Fysh (HMS Aboukir) A2986. Simply that he was last seen “clinging to a baulk of wood” is not enough for closure for us his family. So much more could have happened, he could have been picked up, or made it to shore (alive or as a body) he was a good swimmer, a fisherman in the Wash here in England before being called up.
    Has anyone any letters where he could have been mentioned? or photographs of the crew whilst training or as ships company?…I’ll keep looking.

    Do you have any idea as to when the Chatham web site will be available please?


  2. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am an Ex Royal Naval Chief Coxswain 29 year Submarine Service retiring 1994.

    I now work as the Health and Safety Manager for Fresenius Kabi Oncology Bordon Hants.

    My reason for making contact is that I have just acquired two Great War Medals belonging to (Able Seaman Harold (Harry) Barr J/2742) who died aboard HMS Aboukir 22 September 1914. I presume that both medals were given to either his mother or wife during 1919.

    The medals were found in London many years ago.

    My mobile phone number is 07469942979

    Please make contact as I believe that the medals should go to his family

    Kindest regards

    Frank W Hayes

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