The Live Bait Squadron Society Bulletin 5


Dear Friends,

When I’m writing this, it is already October, and the month of September with the fatal date of the 22nd lies behind us. I am certain that a lot of you have been conscious about what happened 99 years ago on that day. Never to be forgotten.

Since my last bulletin, more new members have found our Society and I would like to send out a warm welcome to them.

About the commemorations next year: all preparations are on schedule and I am closely working together with the management and board of the Chatham Historic Dockyard. And further with partners in Holland like the Dutch Navy, the Mayor of the The Hague and related Dutch organisations.
Mr Bill Ferris (Chief Executive of the Chatham Historic Dockyard) requested me to convey the following message in our bulletin:

‘Next year, the 100th anniversary of the loss of Hogue, Cressy, and Aboukir will be marked at The Historic Dockyard Chatham as part of our wider programme to commemorate the First World War. There will be a memorial event on the afternoon of the 22 September 2014 held at the Historic Dockyard that will honour all those who lost their lives from the Three Cruisers. As plans become more formalised in the coming months, the Trust will make these public’.

I hope to have more specific news in one of the following bulletins. Mr Ferris has promised to write about progress of the preparations in each bulletin, and I will do the same.

As always: looking forward to your reactions!
That’s all for now, till the next bulletin!


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  1. I am always interested in research as I believe in that old saying that whoever does not understand the mistakes of the past is condemned to repeat them.

    Yes, we should honour our brothers in arms and it is all too easy to forget.

    I am grateful for the information in these newsletters and pass it on whenever possible.

    Thank you.

    Anthony T. Rush

  2. Dear Henk

    Robert Johnson was my Great Uncle, I can remember my Grandmother telling me that his death was a great loss to the family. It forced our family to move from Alyth in Scotland to tenements in Glasgow. The copy of the medal that I sent you is for the part he played in helping the victims of the earthquake in Messina, Italy in 1908. There is a detailed account that he wrote during his time there. This shows the character of the man that died in 1914.

    Kind Regards
    Mick Scott

    1. My grandfather was Robert Johnston served on HMS Houge sadly torpedoed 1914, Robert drowned along with most of the crew. Robert came from north east Scotland and did settle in Glasgow as my late father informed me. Are we talking of the same person and is that a misprint on the passage. Forgive if i am incorrect but the information is so alike. Robert Johnston is mentioned in the Naval chapel Edinburgh castle.

    2. Hello Mick or Michael. Robert Johnston was my grandfather on my father’s side Athur William. I read a long time ago you had Robert’s medal. Did it end up in a museum? Regards,Michael Johnston.

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