The Live Bait Squadron Bulletin 12


Dear all,
And here it is, Bulletin 12, published 22 September. Indeed, a remarkable day. A day that means a lot to hundreds, perhaps even thousands of readers. Today 102 years ago a terrible disaster took place just off the Dutch coast, with an enormous impact on many, many families. An impact a lot of descendants still are aware off.

Before you read on, take are short break, just sit and remember them.

Thank you.

For now: welcome again to this Bulletin. It took some time to write it (No 11 was published in January). The main reason was that just a few new Members arrived in the meantime. Too few for a proper Bulletin. So I waited, until last August I decided to publish it on occasion of the anniversary. So, in this Bulletin again you can read about men on the cruisers. Most of them have not been presented before and landed in my mailbox since the January 2016 Bulletin-11.

This does not mean this Bulletin is minor to the others. On the contrary, it is of great value. For example: in this Bulletin you find a link to the documentary ‘The Live Bait Squadron’. A documentarys 52 minutes, full color, produced bij Klaudie Bartelink, about the three cruisers. The UK release was 21 September 2014 in Chatham and the NL release 24 September in The Hague. About the documentary and Klaudie see this Bulletin.
And much more to read and think about in this Bulletin.

Bulletin-13 will be there. I presume after the Festive Season, January 2017.
My best wishes to you all. And: as always looking forward to your reactions.

Henk H.M. van der Linden

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