Bulletin 18 – Christmas 2021


Dear all, 

This Bulletin-18 is dated 24th December 2021, Christmas Eve. Last September I wrote ‘At this time it seems the hardest (covid)times have passed’. This proves to have been wishful thinking. At this moment here in the Netherlands we again find us in a lockdown, just like Christmas last year. I do not think your UK is much better off. 

So, this again will be a ‘cosy‘ Christmas. Nevertheless: my very best wishes to you all, and keep safe! 

The next Bulletin-19 is scheduled 22 September 2022. If before that date something urgent pops up, I will let you know. 

Henk H.M. van der Linden 


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  1. Dear Henk,
    Thank you for your Christmas Greetings AND thank you once again for allowing us to renew the Memory of our Relatives who so Sadly lost their lives in the “Live Bait Squadron”
    Brian Parritt

  2. Dear Henk,
    We have been trying to get in touch with you, but the contact page is not allowing us to send you a message. Also emailed, but not sure if that has reached you either.
    Please could you let us have updated contact information.
    Many thanks,
    Mr & Mrs Edwards

    1. Dear Henk

      I am having the same problem – I have some information about my grandfather, John Brading, who was on the Hogue. I can send this is you like, but similar to Mr and Mrs Edwards I’m thrown out of the contacts page.

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