The Live Bait Squadron Bulletin 11


Dear all,

Welcome again to this Bulletin – the 11th in a row. It took some time to write it (No 10 was published in June). I’ll explain now, the most important reason was my proposal to you all to write and publish a Centennial Memorial Book, a ‘Coffeetable book’. I sent you my plan for that book and invited you to pre-order. In the meantime I researched my dossiers about the details of the content and contacted a lot of people and institutions to assist me in this, financially. And welcomed all pre-orders.

A few weeks ago I had to accept that I cannot achieve this part of what some people say ‘my lifework’. The pre-orders quantity gave no basis to make this financially possible. Far too high a personal risk.
I accept this fully, had my doubt beforehand, but would always have reproached myself, not having this give a try.
And now: what can you expect from me in the time to come.
– I’ll maintain the website, with the great help of my daughter Froukje,
– I’ll keep on writing the Bulletin’s, as long as new men of the cruisers are presented by their relatives and others.
– I introduce a new interesting item, The LBS Archives, the content to be announced in each Bulletin to come. Why? Because I wish for all of you, if you are interested, to have access to all I have here in Holland, on shelves and in my PC. Instead of the intended book. So, in the coming years, all of you have the additional background information.
– And, ultimately I’ll hand over my archives, paper and digital, to a trusted organisation.

In this Bulletin again you can read about many men on the cruisers. They have not been presented before and landed in my mailbox since the June 2015-Bulletin-10.

Bulletin-12 will be there. I presume mid 2016.

My best wishes for the year 2016 to you all. And: as always looking forward to your reactions.

Henk H.M. van der Linden

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