The Live Bait Squadron Society Bulletin 6



Dear Friends,

First of all we’d like to welcome you all to this new Bulletin.

Owing to a number of circumstances this publication appears a little delayed, for which we apologize. As we’re sure you’ll appreciate there is quite a lot of work to be done in the build-up to the Centennial. Your chairman has been traveling, visiting Chatham, and taking part in several meetings. And those things take a lot of time of course, before, during and afterwards, the more so now that it is still a hobby rather than an occupation.

However, the efforts have been rewarded, as you may have gathered from the “Special Bulletin” which was recently sent to all Members by e-mail and which can also still be consulted on our website

Again it’s with great pleasure that we salute several new members, also in this sixth regular Bulletin. this issue further includes a number of stories relating to new Members who were introduced in Bulletin Nº 5, as well as an account of the trip to Germany that Klaudie and her documentary team undertook in the company of your chairman, in order to interview the descendants and relatives of Cpt Otto Weddigen. Below you will find some pictures with comment.

What really struck me about the way the present generation Weddigen family is trying to deal with this British tragedy is their reticence.  It took us some two years of trying to establish a relationship, before the family finally began to show some willingness to communicate about the calamity. The initial contact was via e-mail. After that various telephone conversations followed and ultimately Klaudie, her film crew and your chairman were allowed to pay the Weddigen family a visit. The Weddigen family explained their initial reserve by saying “this really is not something for our family to take pride in. That may have been different a century ago, but are far as we are concerned, in the present day we can only feel extremely sorry for all those descendants who clearly had to suffer so much”.

We will no doubt come up with more gripping stories about the sailors, both in this issue as in the next one, as follows from the fact that we are welcoming a number of new Members again.

So far this time, till the next Bulletin!


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