The Live Bait Squadron Society Bulletin 13


Dear all,

You all have been very patient but your patience has been rewarded, here it is, Bulletin 13. It was worthwhile waiting for it. This Bulletin has a lot of good news.

Just read it, and I am sure you agree.

We start with news about the cruisers. Very good news indeed. They are protected now under as well British and Dutch law.

After that a moment for my Treasure Chest: a very fine and interesting collection of Memorials, all over the UK.

Again we welcome new Members, this time just four, but they are very welcome. Their comrades are applauding them.

– Gunner Harry Mackey, HMS Hogue

– Frederick Lloyd, HMS Aboukir

– Henry McWhirter, HMS Aboukir

– Hugh D. Bennett, HMS Cressy

I conclude with this story: ‘A BEM, in the aftermath of the Centennial of 22 September 1914’.

My best wishes to you all. And: as always looking forward to your reactions.

The next Bulletin-14 is scheduled late summer, probably 22 September next. If before that date something urgent pops up, I will let you know.

Henk H.M. van der Linden


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